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Season 1 Episode 16 "Can I get some Water?" (9-19-16)

Season 1 Episode 16 "Can I get some Water?"
Hermana Sanovich and Maxi

Monday - We had a conference with our zone and we changed our schedule a little bit so that everyday we now have two more hours where we are out of our house and get to talk to people and share the gospel... 

Tuesday - We had a lesson this week with a less active member and we were able to talk about astronomy with him a little bit because he teaches a class at the University. 
(this was cool because I was able to use what I learned last semester in my astronomy class) and have an intelligent conversation about it.  and then relate it all to the gospel and how amazing the stars and all of Gods' creations are. 

Wednesday - We went to the Veiga family house and it turns out that they moved to the other side of the country so that was disappointing. But we found a girl whose name is Macarena (just like the song) its actually a really common name here which is odd, but that is besides the point. We were able to visit her and talk about the temple and then she was talking to us about some pop culture songs that we didn't know so that was a little weird to feel disconnected completely. 

Maxi and Fran with Hna Trujillo & Hna Sanovich
Thursday - This day was crazy!! We were getting ready to leave to go to our lunch, we had made brownies and it had made us a little late, so we decided to call a taxi. We were waiting for it to get to our house and it was taking forever so Hermana Silva called back and the driver was telling us that our street didn't exist (which is impossible because we live on this street)  so she started explaining to him where we live and he wasn't understanding so we decided to go to the church because it is a focal point of the city and he was going to meet us there. We get to the church and are waiting for quite some time and decide to call again. At this point we are about an hour late for our lunch and the taxi guy was still lost. Finally, we decide to call one last time and he answers the phone by asking Hermana Silva where we are and it turns out that we called a taxi company that works in Colonia Centro which is about an hour bus ride away from our house... So we felt really really dumb but that's okay. So we ended up laughing at ourselves for quite some time.. 
Maxi and Fran with Hna Silva & Hna Sanovich

Friday - We had a crazy day that consisted of mostly contacting. One that was crazy was this guy that was outside of his house and we talked to him. He offered us some water because it was pretty hot outside. So we were talking to him with our water and he asked us if we wanted some beer instead, we told him we were good with just some water. Then his dog comes outside with his cat and he tells us that we are never going to believe their names. The cats name is Obama, only because it is a black cat and then the dogs name is Fidel. So when the US gets a new president he is going to get a new cat and name it based on that so we are going to wait to go back to see about that. 

Saturday - We did service, with an Hermana whose name is Virginia Fuentes. The pictures that I sent are with her two kids Maxi and Fran. 

Sunday - I got to speak in church this week about living our religion...

Challenge - Serve someone, its simple! 
But important to not only say that we believe in service but to actually do it!! 

Love you guys and have a great week!

The "Three Amigo's"
Backyard view of Virgina Fuentes home

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