Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Season 1 Episode 1: Hola From La CCM (6-8-16)

June 8, 2016

Blurry - But these are my plane friends.
Hola From La CCM...
(just like the Adele song) 
I had to come up with something fun. 

I have so much to fill you in on because its been awhile, luckily we wont have to go that long 
ever again :) 

May 31- I was able to fly with a group of other missionaries to LAX where we met up with a bunch of other missionaries there too.  Going through customs was not as hard or as scary as I had thought it was going to be, however it was difficult to fill out the form because it was only in Spanish... Arriving to the CCM was really crazy when about 15 missionaries are all new and don't know where to go in the airport it can be nuts. However, we got on the bus no problem...  I actually had to get a shot here so that was exciting, because you know me, I just LOVE  needles... 

My room
June 1- We went to a bunch of classes and got to meet our district... I am lucky that I am able to understand Spanish because the majority of classes are taught only in Spanish. I am in a trio right now so I have two companions, Hermana Wendel and Hermana Laney.  We got a tour of the whole campus and it is massive!!! It does not have as many missionaries as Provo does but it does cover a lot more land and space.

June 2- We woke up to a major down pour!!! I guess that it is the rainy season right now here in Mexico so it will rain every night and sometimes early in the morning as well but not usually during the day, you should never go anywhere without an umbrella (trust me, you just get wet that way)... I taught an investigator today. and in SPANISH!!!! It was hard but really cool, turns out she is just a teacher here but the discussions are real and the spirit I can feel when we teach her about the restoration is too. 
Mexico Temple

June 3- We had to speed teach the restoration to each other in class today and that is really really hard... I also was asked by our investigator to pray today, in Spanish...  That was really hard but also inspiring because I have never done that before and there was definitely a spirit that was helping me speak words that I did not know  until about two days ago even existed! 

June 4- We taught again and had a bunch of classes ... That is what most of this week was, just getting everything figured out and working on learning how to function in the CCM. I also taught our investigator again today, Jordana, and it was incredible to see how even just inviting someone to be baptized in this setting is SO special and spiritual. 

June 5- Made it to Sunday!!! Whoever started the saying that if you can make it to Sunday you will be fine is crazy!!! There is no way that after that it is smooth sailing, sorry to burst anyones bubble but it isnt.... Making it to P- Day feels like an accomplishment but i dont really think that it is either, you have to just take it day by day otherwise it gets overwhelming and stressfull. We get to watch a video all together on Sundays and this weeks was The Testaments. If you have not seen it I reccomend watching it because it is super good. It also relates a lot to the work of missionaries. 

June 6- Language study has become a big part of what we do during the day, as well as preparing our lessons for our investigator. But there was not anything that really happened that was super interesting today. 

View of the Visitor Center
June 7- Today we focused on learning the fundamentals of the gospel, especially the teachings of Christ. It is important for us to look at the teachings again and make sure that we know them so that we can teach them to others that need the help they can bring into our lives... The coolest thing that has happened was when we got to watch a broadcast from the Provo MTC , where Elder Bednar was the speaker and it was amazing !!!! He focused on how we need to teach the gospel to the individual and we need to focus on the people, not numbers or baptisms but people. Then the musical number is a song that he wrote that will published in the New Era next month.  So all of the missionaries in the MTC's from around the world heard it before it is printed for the entire church to receive.  
The title is "One By One" 

June 8- LAUNDRY day...I don't know if any one knows this or not but I have never done my own laundry, (I tried to teach her I promise) yet again had to work out how to use three machines for all five girls. trying to get all of our laundry done... So that sadly took most of the day. But then we were able to go to the Visitors Center of the temple today and that was incredible... 
Visitor Center Mexico Temple
Hermana Wenhel, Hermana Laney, ME,
Hermana Thornock and Hermana Ellingson... are in our District

The cause of Double Dragon ;)
Mexico City

Mexico City
Somethings I learned about Mexico: 

-Dogs bark all night long!!! (more than Tucker)
- Cars are consistently honking all night
- Sirens go off during the night (they say we are close to the hospital so that is why we hear them all the time) 
- Singing is another sound that graces the night as well as a sound we will lovingly call "fireworks"
(don't worry Mom, I am completely safe!!!) 

I challenge you to bear your testimony to someone this week, whether it is simple to your family or to someone you don't know. 
It will strengthen it I promise!! If you don't have a testimony, then I challenge you to pray to "Nuestro Padre Celestial" aloud... 

Love and Miss you all so much, 
until next week 
LOVE, Hermana Cassidy Sanovich

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