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Season:1 Episode:2 "Latin Culture" (6-15-2016)

Season:1 Episode:2 "Latin Culture" (6-15-2016)
This might be short and boring because the days blend together but that's ok! 

Such a Happy Missionary - Miss that cute Smile

June 9 - Today we went through the normal life of a missionary; language study, personal study and then companionship study so that was fun :) It was hard to get back into the swing of things after p-day but its all good.

June 10 - Today we got to hear some feedback on how teaching our first investigator went directly from her which was really good. I also talked about my Spanish goals with my teacher today and she was able to encourage me that I am capable to speak the language and not just understand if I will only OPEN my mouth and talk more.( I can say that I have definitely never had a teacher tell me to talk more ever ;) )

June 11 - Today was a classroom filled day, it was the same cycle of things together as a district. The best part was when we were doing a practice teaching exercise where we invited another person in our class to get baptized, because there are 9 of us, I was put with the teacher from a different class. It was hard at first to speak in Spanish to him, but when I asked him if he would follow Christs example and be baptized the Spanish words just came out and the spirit was so strong while he said yes and then I testified to him of how much baptism and the gospel has affected my life.

June 12 - Sunday!!! I absolutely love them!!! There are so many different things that happen that just make it so much better than any other day of the week. For one, sacrament is in complete Spanish and there is an opportunity that you might get called on to speak every week. We all prepare talks in Spanish and then as he announces who is speaking we find out who it is...luckily this week was not my turn ;)  But then we had relief society where we talked about being a disciple of Christ and developing Christ like attributes to not only help us but to also help improve our teaching and the lives of those around us. Later on we got to watch a video called "How Rare A Possession" about the Book of Mormon, other than it being really really old it is SOO good!!!!  It testifies of the truthfulness and the positive affects that it can have on everyone that reads it. 

June 13 - Today we got to meet our new investigators, yes there are 2 of them... Iyari and Pamela, we will now be teaching both of them on different days... It is starting to feel way more real than it did before and I am loving it!! Even though these investigators are also our teachers (we have on average about 5 a day) they are real people that they know and Iyari is our teachers' sister so she is recording the lessons and sharing them with her later on in the day at their home. I can not wait to be in Uruguay and be helping others change their lives and come unto Christ because through him all things are possible.

My passport and Immigration papers for the Mexican Visa
June 14- Today was crazy, Hermana Thornock had a bird poop on her head, which was hilarious but then and again kind of sad... We had a really good experience today with a game where we had to run and work together to find all of our name badges together which then related to stress. I learned this week two things about me and stress- I PROCRASTINATE like crazy, not new but a real thing that I use to cope with this life being so different than anything else. 

Also I clean when I am stressed out :) It works really really well and our house is really clean too, double whammy!!! 

June 16 - Pday means laundry, email and pictures

Mexico - The Latin people and culture are so nice and friendly!! 
We made some friends and they enjoy laughing at my very sad attempt to speak Spanish but it is funny 
Our Latina Amigas at Breakfast

Challenge: Read the Book of Mormon.. Like for reals, beginning to end. And then pray about it because I know that there is no other way to learn of God or feel his love for us than by reading and then praying about it....

Thank you for all of your love and support, 

Love and miss you, 
Hermana Sanovich 

She would love to hear from all of you who are following the Blog!!!
My street
The wall that separates us from the rest of Mexico City

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