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Season 3 Episode 3 "It's Just a little hiccup" (7-19-17)

Happy Fathers Day
Season 3 Episode 3 " It's Just a little Hiccup" 

Hiccups... Could be one of the littlest things in the world that just drive me crazy, they stop you from talking, they are loud and everyone looks at you funny as you try to deal with them quietly. 

This week we were also blessed to see so many little miracles and to feel the Spirit so strongly. However, there were also a few moments that things didn't quite go as we had planned or hoped (the hiccups) 

We also had a bunch of opportunities to share the Gospel 
and to help those around us this week.  

* Starting off the week we met a less active mother of three who lives in our area and went to visit her and her kids this week. We were at their house and we asked her to pick a hymn and she just looks at us and says "I cant read", so we turn to her son who is 13 and ask him and all he says is "I cant either"... So we were a little taken a back and we decided to ask if there was a song she remembered and she found one that she remembered her mother singing to her when she was little. SO we are singing the song and she starts joining us. It was one of the most Beautiful and heartfelt voices I have ever heard. Then she prayed and the majority of her prayer was her blessing us and our families and thanking us for what we are doing here. By the end of the lesson we both felt the love of God for her and her children so strongly that it almost brought us to tears... Lesson!  I am so blessed 

* The next learning moment of this week was when we were helping a family clean their kitchen, just a small daily task. Let me set the scene for you, the "kitchen" is a slab of concrete that is underneath a wooden roof that has some metal to block out the cold and act as walls, there are spiders everywhere and there are more dirty dishes in a pile than I have ever seen in my life. However, with the help of an awesome member in our ward the three of us were able to help them clean enough to be able to actually use clean dishes and to have a more sanitary place to cook. Lesson! I am so blessed 

Ice Cream with Cecilia
This week I have seen all of these blessings that I usually would take for granted, like reading, writing, having a roof, running water, heating, safety, family, the Gospel... Just to name a few. Some of the little blessings of this week also came with some hiccups.. To start it all off I literally had the hiccups 6 times, that is right 6 times in one day -- after that the hiccups just kept coming. 

We went to a youth activity with our awesome investigator Cecilia and it turns out the activity was canceled...so we took Cecilia to get ice cream. Then we went to teach Alberto and Abuelo and found out that they have been smoking... We also had a day of a little sickness that kept us inside for a few hours. 

Lesson with all of this? Has to do with the challenge for this week. 

Random Selfie &
A Random Bone in the Road

Sometimes there are hiccups, physically and metaphorically. They are not the end of the world. While extremely annoying and completely irritating as far as I know its not the end if you get hiccups. Its the same way in life. Sometimes there are unexpected challenges or experiences that become like (hiccups) in our lives. However, it is through these moments that we are able to grow and learn the most. There were times where I freaked out because I had the hiccups and couldn't talk and it never made it better. Applying this to life (or trying to) When we use the hiccups and laugh a little and only have a positive attitude we are always better off.   So the challenge this week is to laugh through the hiccups, not sure if it is doctor recommended but it gets the Sanovich stamp of approval. 

Thank you all for being the best and for helping me live through the hiccups. 

***Before I go I just want to wish my Dad a "Happy Fathers Day!" 
Thank you for being my dad and for all that you do for us!! LOVE YOU!! 
Thanks to all of the Wonderful examples of Dads, Uncles, and even Brothers that I have in my life. (you know who you are...)

Uruguay won something important in Futbol
Party in the streets

Love you all and hope you have a great week, 
Hermana Cassidy Sanovich 

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