Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Season 2 Episode 1 "What time is it? Summer TIME" (12-05-16)

Season 2 Episode 1 "What time is it? Summer TIME"

Our Backyard - Grapes will be coming soon
Ell time does fly when you are having fun. I can not believe that it is Monday again and that I have been a missionary for 6 whole months!! Where did the time go? It feels like yesterday that I woke up and got on a plane to Mexico and now I have been living in Uruguay for awhile...

Martes We left the house this morning and this truck that usually has cows on it passed by and I thought to myself "the cows are coming home". That might not be funny to anybody but my family but that's what we say when we smell things like that. But right after that we were able to go and teach this young dad about the Restoration of the Gospel and when we were testifying about the first vision I noticed the change in the spirit we could feel sitting outside and could see that he had tears in his eyes. The spirit was so strong and was testifying about the truthfulness of the Gospel. Then later at night we had a meeting to plan the Christmas activity that we are going to do here in Nueva Helvecia- A Live Nativity... I am so excited that I get to help them out with this and cant wait to see how it is going to turn out. 

Miércoles - We met this amazing woman while we were out contacting using the Ilumina el Mundo (Light Up the World) Christmas cards. Her name is Andrea. She is incredible, we taught her about how we can talk to God through prayer and she was amazed that we did not believe that we need someone else to do it for us. We also got to teach another woman named Fernanda and she really wants to learn more about the Gospel, we are just trying to work around her work schedule. 
Proselyting in Pants these days (kindof weird)
Jueves- We changed our schedule a little bit, kind of like when you all changed your clocks back an hour a little while ago!! SO now we are waking up at 7 instead of 630 and we are out at night until 930 and we go to bed at 11 instead of 1030.  WE get an EXTRA 30 min of sleep. Well we should have but my body decided to wake me up at 5 am so I lost a lot of sleep and was a little tired all day. Which made the choir practice we had later on that night really really fun and different. 

Viernes- Another morning with a random 5 am wake up call thanks to the amount of heat that is already in our house by that time in the morning. The big news for today is that we got a dryer for our clothes, a new table and a bunch of junk that nobody wants WAHOO!!! Our house is officially the storage shed, so the Elders and the Senior Couple Missionaries came to our house and dropped of all of this stuff at our house and it was really funny to hear them trying to work around the outlets. There are 3 different outlet options here in Uruguay, the newest one (that everything we have is) the old one (that most houses come standard) and the really really old one (that nothing is able to adapt to anymore)  and our house has all three of them so that was a bit of a challenge but have no fear everything is plugged in and is working. Well we haven't used the dryer yet because the clothes dry faster outside and we don't have a washing machine but all good in the hood. 

Sabado - It was insanely HOT!!! We were so hot, and its humid and there are no clouds here on days when it is hot so that is super duper fun. But we were able to have a fun day with the heat. We got a text from a young man who is about 20 telling us that he wanted to give us all of the stuff that he had that had anything to do with the church because he is ready to drop the church and never come back. It was a little of a surprise so we called him and met up with him and talked to him about why he wanted to leave. In the end he told us that he basically didn't need the church right now, it wasn't doing him any good so he would rather go back to living a life without it. That was so interesting to me, to hear someone say that they didn't need God or Christ in their lives right now. I can testify 100 percent that every single person in the world needs them both every single day. We ended up with all of his stuff, but we are hoping that some day in the future he will go back to the one set of scriptures we convinced him to keep. We also had choir practice this day and this one sister in our branch thinks that it is the funniest thing EVER that when we get to singing all together that I start singing all of the different musical parts of the song. I guess I am just super musically talented that way. (the exact opposite actually) 

Domingo - We had a great fast and testimony meeting where we could feel the spirit testifying that this is the true church. We also watched some videos about maintaining the church building, so we will be working on that these next few weeks. Then later on in the night we had a cool FHE with a less active family and her fiance who recently left rehab. It was amazing to see how much the Atonement can help and change peoples lives for the better. We then came home and watched the Christmas devotional and I absolutely loved it!! We are so lucky to have these special occasions to hear from the Apostles and servants of the lord especially this time of year!! 

Challenge - This week there are two options for the challenge 
Stocking made by my Mom!
1- print off the 25 ways in 25 days calendar and begin meeting the challenges of that every day OR
2- to go online and watch the talk from the Christmas Devotional that Douglas D. Holmes gave (the whole thing) this talk is really special to me.... I loved how much he focused on how important the Holy Ghost is in our lives. 

We are so blessed! And I am so grateful for the Savior who came to the earth to save us all. I hope that this Christmas Season we can remember the 
"Reason for the Season" and The GREATEST GIFT EVER given to US... Have a great week!!!! 
I love you all, 
Hermana Cassidy Sanovich

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