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Season 1 Episode 26 Previously in Uruguay... Un Día de Gracias (11-28-16)

Season 1 Episode 26 Previously in Uruguay... Un Día de Gracias (A Thanksgiving Day)

Thanksgiving was this week as you all know, I hope that you had a great week filled with yummy food and giving Thanks to those around you. I am going to fill you in on a few things that happened not this week but the past week. Reminisce a little bit about the Conference with Elder Rasband... So here goes, previously on the mission... 

Thursday the 18 de Noviembre - We got up around 3 am to finish packing up some stuff for Hernana Trujillo and then the van got to our house around 5 am and we were running out the door. We got to Montevideo around 7 am and had to wait for about 400 other missionaries to get there so that we could start the Conference. I had the opportunity to see Hermana McMullin (my trainer) again and and to meet her family, that was amazing! Then Elder Rasband came into the Chapel and you could feel the spirit so strongly. He took the time to have every single one of us shake his hand and talk to us for just a second. It was a great experience to realize how blessed we are to have these men called of God on the earth to help us all learn and grow. One big thing that he spoke about was not missing the opportunities in front of us. He was talking about us as missionaries, but I think it applies to all of us in life. That we need to live in the moment and not take anything for granted because we are truly so blessed. 

That was the highlight of last week so here is the run down of the past weeks events 

Monday - We went to Centro and had a zone activity where we played capture the flag and volleyball. If I do say so myself I am missing the soccer practice but I think that my volleyball skills have improved while I have been here in Colonia. We got to eat together and I shared some of my yummy treats from home (thanks to my family and their great package). We also sang the Jumbalaya song in the church with Hermano Ponce, he is a huge fan and I am learning the words with him. 

Tuesday - We visited Ana and her dad today and they are progressing a lot in the Gospel. They are reading and praying and they shared with us their desires to come to church so we are working with them to make a way for them to get here. Because of his health problems he cant walk that far so we are in the process of finding someone with a car to pick them up Sunday morning. 

Wednesday - We contacted just about all day and the funniest thing happened, we knocked on this guys door and we tell him that we are missionaries and that we share messages about Christ . He looks at us, points across the street and tells us to go and visit them because they are sinners and shuts the door. We just looked at each other and laughed a little bit. People here are so funny in the ways they try to nicely tell us that they don't want us to visit them. 

"Thanksgiving Feast"
Thursday - Thanksgiving!! The morning was planning so we came to the church to plan a little and wait for the Elders to come and bless our house. President Olsen wanted to have all of the houses receive blessings before the New Year. So they came, and we ate some banana bread together and then explored our little creepy basement and then the Elders blessed our house and left. We made ourselves a very sad little Thanksgiving feast, I was just thrilled that we could pull off something like mashed potatoes and gravy. 

Friday - We had a Branch talent show that we were singing in, so we practiced for that. We also got to hear Ponce and President Hurst sing together and that was hilarious. I don't have a video of it but I'm going to ask to get it this week. I did however have a video of us singing, we are not the best group but for only practicing for about 2 hours I don't think that it was that bad. 

Saturday - We got rained on. It was raining outside and we got soaked! Then it started to get really really bad and the wind started to pick up. We got a call telling us that we should go home and not be outside during this storm.  So we went home, soaking wet and got to watch some church movies and write in our Journals while the storm raged on outside. 

The sky after the rain storm
Fire in the sky
Sunday - The kids had their primary program and we sang Called to Serve with them so that was really cute and fun to see them be so excited to share their testimonies with their family that came to support them. We also talked in Relief Society on the talk by Jeffery R Holland I loved the quote " You can feel alone but never abandoned, because Christ is always there for you" Just a little reminder for us all... 

Challenge - This week the challenge has to do with Christmas!!! It is just around the corner and the Church has a new video about Christmas. This week I would love for you all to go and watch the video #lighttheworld (#iluminaelmundo) It is amazing, watch it and then share it. That is the goal, we as missionaries are sharing little cards with this #iluminaelmundo on it and it is a great way to share what we know about Christ. 

I know that he lives and loves us and that through him that we have the amazing opportunity to return to live with our families in the presence of God again for Eternity some day! How great is that? 

Thank you for all of your love and support, 
NOW - Go and Light the World! 
Love, Hermana Sanovich 

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