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Season 2 Episode 3 "Soon it will be Christmas Day" (12-19-16)

           Episode 3 "Soon it will be Christmas Day"
Hermana Kahn & Hermana Sanovich
This past week has been a little different, we have had a bunch of things that we have had to do and not a lot of time to fit it all in. So you could say that the stress and hustle of the Christmas Season made it to Uruguay. 

Martes - We got up early and headed to Colonia to have a Zone Conference with President and Hermana Olsen. It was a really good Conference and we were able to learn a lot that we can apply now and that will help us in the future about being responsible. Our zone is one of the only zones that is completely made up of branches and not wards so President focused on teaching us how to share with the people here that they are responsible for themselves and doing everything they are asked to do. I loved it! We need to be 100% responsible of our own actions so that we are not blaming others and by doing so we will grow and our testimonies will be strengthened as we use our agency to help and not hurt or offend others. Great day all in all. 

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Miercoles- Well, we taught a young man whose name is Brahayn (pronounced brahajan) and I like to call him Brian... Because his name would be Brian, besides the point. But we got to teach him about the Plan of Salvation and the Creation of the World and it turns out that Brian is a firm believer in the Big Bang Theory. So he went on for quite awhile about how science works and it cant be proven that anything we say religiously actually exists.  Then he told us about his Catholic beliefs. We are still trying to figure Brian out. But after that crazy morning we went home for lunch and we took an inventory of the things that are in our house. Well remember how we have had a few moving days and received a lot of stuff from other houses? Ya, well we opened all of those boxes. We had to count the number of spoons that we have in our house. It was quite the afternoon, and it turns out that we have the house with the most stuff in it, in the zone!! GO TEAM!! among which are 4 beds, 8 mattresses and about 40 spoons. 

Jueves- We planned out our upcoming week which included Christmas so that was crazy. Then we started practicing a song that we are going to be singing at the mission Christmas Conference Thursday so that was fun. We also went out and visited an old investigator Yamima that we re-found a little while ago, and it turns out that she might have been baptized and could be a member of the church already. So we are going to look into that a little bit more and I will let you know what we can find out. 

Viernes - This morning we watched the POSO guy come and empty out our poso tank. It is their version of a sewage system so basically a poso tank is a septic tank that gets full and you have to empty it out before your house starts to stink or it starts to come back up through the pipes (GROSS) Then we decorated the outside and the inside of the church to have it all ready for our activity that we are going to have Friday and to show the people that pass by the church that we believe in Christ and celebrate Christmas. Then we ended the night practicing for the Nativity.  I am not sure how I keep getting roped into these types of things here but it should be really good and fun too.

Ponce at the our church where we email.
Sabado - We went back to teach Brahayan the second part of the Plan of Salvation and we ended up talking about whether or not certain drugs should be legal and whether or not they are morally okay in Gods eyes. So that was quite a big jump for us. Then we went and walked around looking for people all day, however the funny thing is that when it is insanely hot and humid nobody is home and so we were outside the entire afternoon. Then we got to visit a less active girl named Victoria and she decided that she is going to come to Utah and she is going to stay with us next December. She is hilarious, and speaks English so it will be great. 
Domingo - Well I should now by now that when it is HOTTER than is possible outside and humid that the next day it is going to rain - Because we were woken up this morning to a crazy storm that looked like what I picture to be a hurricane type rain and wind mix. Luckily it stopped before church and we were able to all make it safe and enjoy a great Sunday. We got to have Brahayan with us here at church too so that was great. Then we went and visited a couple of investigators and talked about the importance of the scriptures. When we got home we were greeted by a lovely cockroach friend that we chased around for a little bit and laughed when we finally killed it - they are stubborn little guys. 

The 12 Days of Christmas in Uruguay (the 12 days of Christmas song with these as the gifts)
12. Milanesas
11.  Fiideos 
10. Bien VOS? 
9.   Campo Gauchos
8.   Bags of Mayo
7.   Alfajores
6.   hour siesta
4.  motos
3.  tero teros
2.  Fútbol teams 
1.   A mate ready fro me 

CHALLENGE - this week is CHRISTMAS!!! The challenge is to have the Best Christmas ever! So to do that I was thinking that it would be good to make it a Christ centered one so...  The challenge is to read LUKE 2:1-20 and then to read Helaman 14:5-12 and 3 Nephi 1:13-22 . 

                            I wish you all a VERY "Merry Christmas" and a "Feliz Navidad" 
                                                              Love, Hermana Sanovich

Side of the Farm House

Farm house - Near our house

Hermana Kahn on our street

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