Sunday, May 22, 2016

The "Farewell" Talk (5-22-16)

The week before the farewell we got a phone call from President Carr once again they had moved Cassidy to be leaving on May 31 and she would be heading to the Mexico City MTC.  What the heck was all this change about? 
 When we first found out she was not leaving until June 
we slowed up quite a bit on getting things done.  
Why rush when you can procrastinate the inevitable RIGHT?
We soon found out that things really do happen for a reason, one reason I feel 
is that I ended up getting Vertigo and was out of commission for 10 days. I was not
able to drive or do much of anything.  She took care of me and the things around the house.


I couldn't have done it with out Cassidy, 
so glad she was home to help me.  
Another amazing opportunity that we had was we went on temple excursions each 
week with friends. 
 Provo Temple, Draper Temple and the Bountiful Temple.

We also had a chance to go to lunch with Heather a wonderful friend who has a daughter (Shelby who is a good friend of Cassidy's) she is also serving in Uruguay and has been out for 6 months.  It was so helpful to know a little of what to expect.  It was so great to meet up with her.  She brought a video from Mothers day that she shared with us.  In fact Shelby spoke quite a bit in Spanish and Cassidy was able to understand it.

The Day did finally come and it turned 
out to be one of the 
BEST days EVER!!!  

The program was amazing I was so proud of  Carley who hated the fact that she had to be the Youth Speaker and for the wonderful musical number it was exactly what I had wanted. Cassidy, well I was truly in awe of her.... and Sister Taylor for ending the meeting with such a great Spirit.  
             I was one proud mama!

The food was delicious, we had Wonderful support from family and friends. The Rain came but we were super prepared for it so it ended up working out just great.  
Thanks to all those friends who were such a BIG help to our family during this amazing time of our lives.  I could not have done it with out any of you!!!

  We had pulled pork sandwiches Cassidy's favorite.
                Veggie cups with dip - Chips & Salad
           Lots of yummy desserts Cookies of every kind,
            and Wonderful cupcakes raspberry filled
                           and peanut butter chocolate.

Just a few people enjoying the nice weather...
...before the rain came.

Yummy treats

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