Monday, May 30, 2016

Setting Apart as a Missionary (5-30-16)

March  30, 2016
Pres. Tait, Bishop Petersen, President Carr, Cassidy (YOU), 
Ross (Dad) and President Gardner

The Setting Apart - March 30, 2016  @ 9:00 pm  
Grandma Sanovich and Jackie were there and our little family. The Blessing was Phenomenal given by President Carr.  I hope you (Cassidy) had a chance to write some of it down in your Journal so that you can refer to it often.  You are definitely a chosen spirit to serve your fellow man at this time.  
Be YOU and put yourself out there, the Lord will be with you always 
and forever.  Rely on him!  We are already feeling the blessing of having you serve. 
Your Family 

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